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Smokin' Jack's

Demopolis, alabama

Local favorites

With a whole menu of local favorites– seriously– there is something at Smokin’ Jack’s for everyone in the family! Click on our menu to the right and see for yourself! 


The menu at Smokin’ Jack’s has everything from fresh grilled salads with homemade ranch to delicious desserts. Something sweet, something savory, and something you’ll certainly come back for!  

Fresh ingredients

“We make sure to keep everything local. Locally produced allows us to have full range of keeping it in the area.”


“Everyone we hire is exactly like family to me. Some of the staff have been here since I arrived and started the restaurant.” 


“When we saw the building on our trip from California, we had to stop. We love acting like locals to truly enjoy each location.”

Visit Us

1023 US-80

Demopolis, AL 36732

Open Hours

Tuesday- Saturday 11AM-9PM

Closed Sunday and Monday